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Today's doors and windows don't just connect the indoor with the outdoor - they have developed into features of the buildings. Automatic doors and entry areas are practical, elegant and create an illusion of openness. Discreet aluminium channels in a variety of sections and colours let beauty and elegance shine through the entrance area, with a clear line of sight unhindered by vertical stiles. In this way, a building can be showcased, or a lobby emphasised.

Through their simplicity of operation, dependable performance and durable construction, automatic doors and entry areas are ideal for high volume traffic areas. Many different styles, materials and configurations are available, which can make a bold statement to passing traffic and pedestrians entering the building.

Automatic doors are used wherever efficient access is required - in retail outlets, offices, factories, public buildings, airports, hospitals, leisure centres and hotels, to name but a few.

Melbourne Glass can assist in your choice of an appropriate automatic toughened glass entry configuration to suit your next project.

Shopping Centre - Caroline Springs Square
Shopping Centre - Caroline Springs Square.
Inset: Internal view of the shopping centre entrance.

Westfield Shopping Centre
Westfield Shopping Centre - Doncaster


Waverly Square
Offices - Waverly Square


Hawthorn Square Supermarket
External view of unique, sun-filled Hawthorn Square Supermarket


Hawthorn Square Supermarket
Internal view of Hawthorn Square Supermarket, conveying a clean, pleasant outlook.

ShopStop   Body Shop

Automatic doors at this service station allow easy access on entry and departure.


This retail outlet achieves it's required corporate appearance throughout it's overall shopfront perimeter.


Greensborough Plaza - Greensborough Shopping Centre.




The entry to the Celtic Club in M
elbourne incorporates its logo right
through the entry area.