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Energy Efficient Glazing  

Glass and windows are basic elements in improving the energy performance of buildings. Through the use of energy efficient glazing and windows, innovative building design can greatly improve occupancy comfort and deliver greater energy savings.

The development of energy efficiency legislation for commercial buildings, including office buildings, is proceeding at a rapid pace and will result in key legislative measures being included in the finalised update of the Building Code of Australia by 2006.

Buildings will be categorised into various classes and amongst the final measures, there will be provisions for the building fabric, glazing, sealing and engineering services.

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Energy efficient double glazing curtain walls

A major measuring factor for calculating energy efficiency in any given building will be the glass and framing. The part played by windows and the selection of glass is a vital component of the equation that will determine if a building achieves its required energy efficiency standard.

One of the keys in achieving energy efficient buildings is sufficient access to sunlight. Melbourne Glass can assist you in choosing the right type and amount of glazing and framing, thereby significantly improving the energy efficiency of any given building. Generally the ongoing savings in energy bills for heating and cooling will more than compensate for any increase in building costs