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Australian Standards

Melbourne Glass will assist you in ensuring your project adheres to the required Australian Standards (AS 1288, AS 2208, AS 1170 and AS 2047) for correct glass, glazing materials and framing, which include procedures for the selection of glass to comply with wind loading requirements, human impact considerations, and installation guidelines.

We, as do developers, builders and various specifiers, have a duty of care to the occupants of the buildings to ensure that all necessary procedures and requirements are followed.

Melbourne Glass also carries out audits for buildings, such as schools and educational facilities, to ensure adherence to required standards is met and that correct glazing materials are used during the replacement of all glazing panels. This includes gymnasiums, enclosed swimming pools and other activity areas.

Ultimately, it is not enough to believe that the glass originally glazed still complies with current Australian Standards. Through our extensive audit service, we can advise you of the correct glazing requirements to meet Australian Standards.

The Solicitor's Warning
This Solicitors' Warning issued by the Australian Glass & Glazing Association (AGGA) is a fitting reminder of everyone's obligations when it comes to choosing and installing the right glass.

Public liability is a big issue in today's times and if overlooked, can financially ruin you.

As an accredited member of the Australian Glass & Glazing Association (AGGA), Melbourne Glass has undergone training and testing of their knowledge of the Australian Standard AS 1288 - Selection and Installation of Glass in Buildings. As such, our installers are skilled trades people who have agreed to a set code of conduct and who have qualified to apply an AGGA certification label to any laminated safety glazing undertaken.

Melbourne Glass, as an AGGA accredited glazier is your best protection for ensuring that your or your client's buildings are glazed according to the code and an excellent way to protect you or your clients from large damages claims associated with inadequate or inappropriate glazing.

Click here to view the Solicitor's Warning.